Nawawi Pomolango: For Me, Prosecution Is The Best Model For Preventing Corruption
Panel discussion attended by KPK Deputy Chairman Nawawi Pomolango (Photo: KPK Public Relations/VOI)
JAKARTA - Deputy Chairman of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Nawawi Pomolango said there were three tridents in the eradication of racism, namely prevention, prosecution and anti-corruption education in the era of KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri.
However, of the three ways, he considers taking action against the perpetrators the most appropriate step to prevent corrupt practices in the community.
This was revealed by Nawawi in a panel discussion entitled National Seminar on Certification and Rescue of State-Owned and Regional Assets and the Launching of the JAGA KPK Module. This activity was held in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara on Tuesday, December 7.
"The most important thing for the KPK, actually from the three tridents, is still taking action. I am a person who keeps saying that for me the action is the best prevention model from the Corruption Eradication Commission. So the best prevention model for eradicating corruption is taking action, that's for me," said Nawawi. as quoted from the KPK RI YouTube.
He emphasized that prevention, education and prosecution must go hand in hand without prioritizing one of them. In addition, Nawawi also emphasized that the KPK would not give any leaks to regional heads who would be arrested through a hand arrest operation (OTT) as requested by the Regent of Banyumas Achmad Husein some time ago.
Moreover, he continued, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has often visited regions to conduct socialization of corruption prevention which should be interpreted as a warning by regional heads.
"If there were stories yesterday, for example a friend of the regent might say, 'Sir, before OTT let me know', there is nothing like that, Mr. Regent," he said.
"So there's no need to whisper first," added Nawawi.
Furthermore, he also reminded that all loopholes for corrupt practices should be closed by all parties. In front of the panel discussion participants, Nawawi even made an analogy that this prevention is like a luxury house that hangs a warning sign 'Beware of Fierce Dogs'.
"If you can, there really is a fierce dog. Don't write 'Beware of a fierce dog' and then a thief tries to enter, it turns out that there is no fierce dog," he said.
"So if there is a fierce dog in Awas, yes, if you can, it is twice as fierce as the writing. That is what is meant by forming to prevent corrupt behavior," concluded Nawawi.

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