At The National Police Headquarters, Novel Baswedan Continues To Criticize Firli Et Al. And Praise The Commitment Of The National Police Chief Listyo Sigit
Novel Baswedan (Photo via Rizky Adytia Pramana/VOI)

JAKARTA - Novel Baswedan is still waiting for his assignment -- referring to the results of the assessment -- to become a National Police ASN. Even though he has been released from the status of a senior KPK investigator, Novel Baswedan still continues to criticize Firli Bahuri Cs and praise the National Police Chief Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo.

At the National Police Headquarters after taking the Assessment Test, Novel said he was saddened by the performance of the KPK in Firli's era. For information, the Indonesian Political Indicators Survey Institute noted that the level of public confidence in the KPK has decreased. Currently, the KPK ranks 5.

In the previous survey results, the KPK always occupies the second or third position. But when it's much decreased.

"The KPK itself, which should be the most relied upon institution to carry out its task of eradicating corruption, is now getting worse and worse. Even if we look at the latest survey, the index of public confidence in the KPK is also the lowest in history," Novel explained, Tuesday, December 7.

"Of course, this can be seen how we ourselves, yes, I think it is difficult to see or see the seriousness of the KPK leadership in carrying out corruption eradication," he continued.

On the one hand, Novel also praised the National Police Chief. The offer from the National Police Chief to assist the National Police in preventing corruption was immediately welcomed by Novel. Although indirectly Novel actually wants to take action.

"My friends and I certainly want to contribute in carrying out the tasks of eradicating corruption, even though the existing slot is in the field of prevention because I know that the task of the ASN is of course not the field of prosecution, but rather prevention," he said.

Previously, 44 former KPK employees including Novel Baswedan received an offer to become the Bhayangkara Corps State Civil Apparatus (ASN). Meanwhile, there were 12 people who were recorded as rejecting the offer.

Of the 12 people who refused, one of them was Rasamala Aritonang. The reason for refusing to become a National Police ASN is because he has become a teacher at a university.

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