Eka Kurniawan Protests the Election of Police Diction in Rape Case by Randy Bagus
Randy Bagus (Source: Twitter)

JAKARTA - Eka Kurniawan highlighted the case of a student who died by suicide at her father's grave due to depression because she was suspected of being a victim of rape by officers and viral on social media Twitter.

The officer was carried out by a police officer named Randy Bagus Hari Sasongko who held the rank of Bripda (Police Brigadier Two). It is suspected that Randy ordered his girlfriend, Novia Widyasari, to have an abortion for the fetus she was carrying. Novia ended up under a lot of stress and depression and ended her life by committing suicide.

Eka Kurniawan through his Twitter account, @gnolbo criticized the police statement during a press conference. The National Police stated that they would take firm action against RB officers following the suicide of a female student in Mojokerto, East Java.

The author of great works, such as Lelaki Harimau, Cantik Itu Luka, as well as Seperti Dendam Rindu Harus Dibayar Tuntas, then shared the uploads of the Police Public Relations Division. In written information, the police said that the National Police through the East Java Regional Police were involved in the suicide case of a student with the initials NWR in the burial area of ​​Sugihan Hamlet, Measles Village, Suko District, Mojokerto Regency.

What Eka highlighted was the choice of language revealed by the police.

"moving fast", "person", "acts like husband and wife". Just reading the way the police speak, we know where one of the problems is: IN THE POLICE!", wrote Eka as quoted from her Twitter page, Sunday, December 5.

As of 12.15 WIB, 78 people have commented on Eka's tweet, 3,750 retweets, and 6,800 netizens liked it. Netizens deserve to protest the Police who say so.

"What's so hard about saying RAPE? What is the act of husband and wife being raped or raped?????", replied Tasya with the @scientificmeme account.

The police are also considered to be defending themselves, not enforcing the law. "Press release is only to save face, not to uphold justice", wrote the @M__ikhwan account.

As previously reported, this case emerged profusely after becoming a trending topic on Twitter and Instagram from Friday to Saturday, December 4, with the hashtag #SAVENOVIAWIDYASARI.

At that time, Novia Widyasari was suspected of being a victim of police rape and depression because she was forced to have an abortion and was pressured by the perpetrator's family. Novi then committed suicide by drinking poison at her father's grave.

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