The Attorney General's Office Forms A Team To Investigate The Serious Human Rights Case Of Paniai Papua

JAKARTA - The Attorney General's Office formed a team to investigate allegations of gross human rights violations in Paniai, Papua in 2014.

The team was formed based on the Attorney General's Decree Number 267 of 2021 dated December 3, 2021, which was signed by Attorney General Sanitiar Burhanuddin.

"Prosecutor General Burhanuddin as the investigator for gross human rights violations has signed the decision letter to form the team," said Head of the Attorney General's Office for Legal Information, Leonard Eben Ezer Simanjuntak in a written statement quoted by Antara, Friday, December 3.

Leonard explained that the consideration of the issuance of the decision and the warrant of the Attorney General took into account the letter from the Chairman of Komnas HAM Number 153/PM.03/0.1.0/IX/2021 dated 27 September 2021 regarding the response to the return of case files to the results of the investigation into the Serious Human Rights violation of the Paniai incident last year. 2014 in Papua to be completed.

"It turns out that there has not been sufficient evidence, therefore it is necessary to carry out a (general) investigation in order to find and collect evidence," said Leonard.

According to Leonard, evidence is needed to shed light on the alleged gross human rights violations that occurred, in order to find the perpetrators.

Therefore, with the issuance of the Attorney General's Decree and Investigation Order, a Team of Investigations on Allegations of Serious Human Rights Violations has been formed at Paniai Papua Province in 2014 consisting of 22 senior prosecutors and chaired by the Deputy Attorney General for Action. Special Crimes (JAM-Pidsus) Ali Mukartono.

Previously, JAM-Pidsus Ali Mukartono, Monday, November 22 revealed that his party would take an inventory of cases of gross human rights violations, as a follow-up to the order of the Attorney General.

According to him, the Attorney General asked his party to take strategic steps to accelerate the completion of dozens of serious human rights cases.

These cases include the 1965-1966 Incident, the 1982-1985 Mysterious Shooting (Petrus), Talangsari Lampung, 1989, and the tragedy of the Aceh Geudong House 1990-1999.

Then the cases of kidnapping and enforced disappearances in 1997-1998, the Trisakti, Semanggi I, and Semanggi II incidents in 1998, the May 1998 riots, and the 1999 Aceh Kraft Paper intersection.

The Paniai case is relatively new, because it occurred after Law No. 26/2000 on the Human Rights Court was established.


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