Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) 34th Congress Committee Continues To Speed Up Internet Infrastructure And Support
Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 34th NU Congress, Imam Aziz during a press conference (ANTARA)
JAKARTA - The committee for the 34th Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) congress continues to speed up the readiness of infrastructure and internet signal support to welcome the implementation of the grand deliberation even though there is no set schedule in line with the Level 3 PPKM policy.
"We, the committee, continue to carry out our duties for the preparation of this congress, both the preparation of infrastructure and the internet, this is still ongoing," said Imam Aziz, Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the 34th NU Congress in a press conference attended in Jakarta, Antara, Tuesday, November 30.
Initially, the congress would take place on December 23-25, 2021. However, in order to prevent additional cases at the end of the year, the government decided to implement the PPKM Level 3 policy on December 24, 2021 to January 2, 2022 in all parts of Indonesia.
Until now there is no certainty when the congress will take place. The decision on whether to move forward or postpone depends on the outcome of a limited meeting between the top brass at PBNU.
Imam explained that currently the completion of the procurement of rooms for the participants' beds, toilets, and various other sanitation equipment at the Darussa'adah Islamic Boarding School, Central Lampung Regency.
In addition, the construction of the NU Conference Hall at the Darussa'adah Islamic Boarding School for the opening ceremony is also ongoing.
"Then there are preparations to increase the strength of the wifi signal, we are also working there. Now, we are continuing to prepare this until now and hopefully this can find a way to solve it," said Imam.
The committee also continues to promote NU Digital Conference Coins through collaboration with NU Care-LazisNU. He hoped that Koin Muktamar would be a way to make NU an independent and dignified organization.
Digital Muktamar Coins can be accessed through the official NU Care-LAZISNU website As of December 30, around IDR1.1 billion has been collected, which was donated by 1,202 donors out of a total target of IDR5 billion. This ultimate coin is still open for the next 22 days.
Not only that, the committee will also hold a charity concert which will be held in a hybrid manner by combining the concept of a concert. The public can watch live at Balai Sarbini Jakarta or virtually on December 13.
This Concert Coin Charity Concert will be a forum for raising donations and citizen participation to support the holding of NU's 34th Mukatamar. The concert will present Habib Lutfi ft Seroja, Padi Reborn, Addie MS, and Gus Miftah.

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