UGM Students Design Tiles To Generate Electricity From Human Footsteps
Design of electricity generating tiles "Floor Electric Generator (Felectrig)" developed by UGM students. (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - A number of students from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) have designed a tile product business development that is capable of generating electricity from the pounding of feet to the tiles.

"We propose a business plan in the form of an innovative tile that produces electricity from the pounding of human feet," said UGM team leader Bahana Aslamabel in a written statement in Yogyakarta, reported by Antara, Tuesday, November 30.

This innovation succeeded in bringing Bahana together with his team from the UGM Faculty of Engineering, namely, Muhammad Amarutsli (Mechanical Engineering Force 2018) and Ferraldy Kurnia Rizqi (Mechanical Engineering 2018) won 2nd Place in the 'Environation' Business Plan Competition after eliminating 27 other teams from various universities in Indonesia.

Bahana explained that in the competition, his team carried a product development concept called Floor Electric Generator (Felectrig).

Floor Electric Generator is an alternative power plant innovation that uses piezoelectricity and utilizes human footsteps.

According to him, Felectrig is in the form of tiles that are placed on the floor in various public places such as tourist attractions, malls, airports, and other crowded places for visitors.

"So it can convert the footsteps of people who pass through the floor into electricity which is used for electronic devices such as lamps," said Bahana.

Bahana said that in the future they will continue to develop their products.

"That way later the product can be used and useful, especially in presenting alternatives to provide electricity supply," he said.

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