Within A Week, No COVID-19 Death Cases In Batam
Illustration (Photo: Pixabay)

BATAM - The Batam City COVID-19 Task Force, Riau Islands, noted that during the past week there were no additional cases of residents dying due to exposure to the new type of coronavirus.

Head of the Batam City Communications and Informatics Agency, Azril Apriansyah, said that the latest death case was on Tuesday, November 23 and until Tuesday, November 30, the total number of deaths remained at 842 people.

"The cure rate is 96.715 percent, the death rate is 3.258 percent, and active cases are 0.027 percent," said the man who is also a spokesman for the Batam COVID-19 Task Force in a short message in Batam, Tuesday, November 30.

Mentioned, of the 842 cases who died in Batam, 433 of them were without comorbidities and 409 others with comorbidities.

The highest comorbid diseases in COVID-19 deaths were diabetes mellitus 216 cases, hypertension 182 cases, and pneumonia 104 cases.

On Tuesday, November 30, he said, there were no additional positive cases of COVID-19, no recovered patients, and no deaths.

Cumulatively, there were 25,841 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, 24,992 of whom were declared cured, leaving seven people still under treatment.

Meanwhile, the spread of the coronavirus has now returned to the buffer island. Of the three hinterland sub-districts, one of them is in the yellow zone with one positive for COVID-19, namely Behindpadang, while the other two hinterland sub-districts are in the green zone, namely Galang and Bulang.

On the main island, of the nine sub-districts, five of them are green zones, namely Sekupang, Nongsa, Sei Beduk, Batuaji, and Sagulung, while the other four districts are yellow zones, namely Lubukbaja, Batuampar, Batam City, and Bengkong.

Meanwhile, the results of the Batam COVID-19 situation assessment as of November 28, 2021, are PPKM Level 1.

It states that the level 1 community transmission assessment with confirmation cases is 0.39 per 100 thousand inhabitants per week, hospitalization is 0.06 per 100 thousand inhabitants per week, and 0.06 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants per week.

Then for testing it was considered adequate, with a positive rate of 0.02 percent per week, tracking was also considered adequate with a close contact ratio examined of 23.0 per confirmed case per week, and adequate treatment with 1.39 percent BOR per week.

Likewise, vaccination was considered adequate, which reached 98.98 percent for the first dose in total, and for the elderly, it had reached 81.53 percent for the first dose. This was reported by Antara.

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