In Action Across Medan, Bandung, Surabaya, Profits From The Gendam Mode Fraud Group Reaches IDR 3 Billion
Dirreskrimum Polda Central Java Kombes Djuhandani questioned a member of a gang of fraudsters with gendam mode during a press release in Semarang, Tuesday. (ANTARA/ICSenjaya)
CENTRAL JAVA - The Directorate of General Criminal Investigation of the Central Java Police (Central Java) arrested six members of a cross-provincial fraud ring with gendam mode. This gang pretended to be a health healer.
Dirreskrimum Polda Central Java Kombes Djuhandani said this gang had already acted in the cities of Semarang, Bandung, Medan and Surabaya. In action, this gang has prepared scenarios to play the psychological role of potential victims, starting from a healer, a healer's grandson or a person who served as a 'courier' to deliver the victim.
For example in Semarang. In his action, the perpetrator deceived a 60-year-old woman who was met at Gang Baru Market, Semarang City. The fraudulent action began when one of the perpetrators with the initials LSN met with the victim to ask where the herbal medicine seller was.
"At the same time, one of the perpetrators came who pretended to provide information about the existence of a healer who could cure diseases," he said.
in Semarang, Antara, Tuesday, November 30.
The perpetrator who had prepared a scenario to play the victim's psychology, he said, met another perpetrator who claimed to be the grandson of the healer in question.
The victim who believed in the plot of the plot then believed it and went to meet the healer in question.
From that meeting, the perpetrator who acted as a healer said that the victim had to get rid of bad luck because he stepped on the blood of a woman who died in an accident. The perpetrator requires the victim to prepare money and gold jewelry as a condition to get rid of bad luck.
"The total value of money and jewelry handed over by the victim to the perpetrators reached Rp500 million," he said.
The same mode, he continued, was used by the perpetrators when acting in other places. Of the five actions that have been carried out in the 4 provinces, he said, the total profit that this gang managed to obtain reached Rp. 3 billion.
The perpetrators themselves were arrested in a number of different places, such as in Jakarta, Pemalang, and Batam. Currently, he continued, the Central Java Regional Police are coordinating with other regional police officers to uncover other victims of this crime.
For their actions, the perpetrators were charged with Article 378 of the Criminal Code concerning fraud.

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