PPP Party Has 1,056 Representatives In DPRD, Suharso Suharso Monoarfa: Must Become 3,000 In 2024!
General Chairperson of the PPP DPP Suharso Monoarfa (Photo: Special/PPP)

JAKARTA - Partai Persatuan Pembangunan Party (PPP) hopes that the 2024 General Election (Pemilu) will be a momentum to win again. The general chairman of PPP, Suharso Monoarfa, has begun to design several strategic steps. Members of the DPRD (Regional House of Representatives) who are currently sitting in parliamentary seats, were asked to re-run as legislative candidates in the upcoming 2024 General Election.

"We invite the members of the PPP Regional House of Representatives, who are currently sitting, to re-run as Legislative Candidates (Caleg), and become number one. But on the condition that there is no conflict", said Suharso in his statement in Jakarta, Monday, November 29.

Suharso also asked that each DPRD member already have a long list in the 2024 election succession. So, he said, the current 1,059 DPRD members could help boost the number of seats in parliament.

"From 1,059 it is mandatory to increase to 3,000, then if there are vacant electoral districts in neighboring areas, please fill them in", the Minister for National Development Planning (PPN)/Head of Bappenas appealed.

The PPP Central Board, said Suharso, will prepare tools to support the 2024 election victory to achieve the victory target. One of them, helping the winner to the polling station.

“Those who are assigned are free, independent, and independent people. So they are assigned neutral. So that we can carry out electoral work with the right steps. Work that arouses, invites, successive, continuous, God willing, we can put PPP back at the peak of its glory", said Suharso.

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