Police Order Ormas Attributes In Tangerang: Flags, Symbols, Until The Substation Will Be Secured
Illustration of an organization's attributes/ Photo: Rizky Sulistio/ VOI

JAKARTA - The Tangerang Metro Police Chief, Kombes Deonijiu De Fatima, said that his party would control command posts (poskos) and flags of community organizations (ormas) as a form of prevention so that there would be no friction between groups that often occurs in Tangerang.

"In the future, we will control the facilities, symbols, rather than this mass organization we will control it," said Deonijiu, Sunday, November 28.

Deonijiu admitted that the Tangerang City Metro Police had often called the leaders of mass organizations to mediate between two groups that were often noisy. However, Deonijiu does not deny that there are still mass organizations involved in clashes.

"We have done that many times, we have carried out peaceful demonstrations by their leaders at the Resort Police quite often," explained Denoijiu.

"Every event they come to make a peaceful protest, every event we call a peaceful action. But the implementation is like this," he continued.

The police previously arrested five people from the two mass organizations involved in clashes in the Lembang Market area, Jalan Raden Fatah, Ciledug, Friday, November 19, evening.

"Meanwhile there are five (people) and it can grow to be many," explained Deonijiu, Saturday, November 20.

Police have seized a number of evidence in the form of sharp weapons. As for the two organizations, it started when one of the mass organizations celebrated someone's birthday by way of a convoy to the street. In the course of the convoy, the mass organization met with another mass organization and a verbal altercation ensued which led to clashes.

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