The Flashy Business Of The Gambling Conglomerate Alvin Chau, Has 12,000 Agents To A Special Underground Bank For Loans
JAKARTA - Macau gambling tycoon Alvin Chau Cheok Wa has been detained by the local police on charges of facilitating cross-border gambling.
The Macao Special Administrative Region Government Police (MSAR) detained and interrogated Alvin on Saturday, November 27 based on a notice of arrest warrant from mainland Chinese authorities.
MSAR insists that all gambling industries in Macau must comply with the applicable laws and regulations in mainland China and Macau. Violators of these rules will be dealt with without any tolerance.
Prosecutors in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, have approved an arrest warrant filed by police against the Macau gambling tycoon for setting up a casino in mainland China.
The results of a police investigation in July 2020, reported by Antara, a cross-border gambling crime syndicate led by Alvin as CEO of Suncity established more than 12,000 gambling agents and 80,000 members throughout mainland China.
He facilitated Chinese citizens to gamble at overseas casinos, set up an asset company in China to help gamblers exchange their assets for gambling chips, helped his clients transfer money, and used underground banks to lend funds to gamblers.
The police consider that Alvin's actions, which have collected large amounts of money, have caused potential losses to the community.
Alvin along with several members of his syndicate group have been charged with the alleged construction of a casino in mainland China by the Wenzhou City Procuratorate.

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