Gerindra Party Secretary General Ahmad Muzani Asks His Cadres To Learn Militant At PDIP
Secretary General of the DPP Gerindra Party Ahmad Muzani and Deputy DPP Gerindra Sugiono during the inauguration of the DPC office of the Gerindra Party in Semarang City, Sunday, November 28 (Photo: Wisnu Adhi/Antara)
JAKARTA - Secretary General of the Gerindra Party DPP Ahmad Muzani asked his cadres, especially those in Central Java Province to learn to build militancy and party management from the PDI-P.
"We want to learn with 'njenengan' (PDIP), together. Indonesia is too large to be managed alone. The important thing is that in 2024, don't be far from PDIP, if possible, Gerindra friends will be given a little space," he said while giving directions at the inauguration of the Semarang City Gerindra Party DPC Secretariat Office, reported by Antara, Sunday, November 28.
This was conveyed by Muzani without reason, because in other provinces, the political parties that win the democratic party are used to taking turns, except in Central Java.
"In West Java, East Java, Banten or even DKI Jakarta, the parties change, but in Central Java, PDIP always dominates and I admit that Central Java is indeed a bull's cage," he said.

On that occasion, the only political party present was the PDIP, represented by the Deputy Chairman of the Central Java PDIP DPD, Brother Muhammad Mahfuz Hasibuan and the Semarang City PDIP DPC administrator.
From the Gerindra Party were attended by Deputy DPP Gerindra Sugiono, DPP administrator Prasetyo Hadi, Chairman of DPD Gerindra Central Java Abdul Wachid, Secretary of DPD Gerindra Sriyanto Saputro, and Deputy Chairperson of Central Java Gerindra DPD Yudi Indras.
In front of the two PDIP cadres, Muzani conveyed how good it would be if the parties worked together because there was no time to argue with each other.
Muzani praised the performance of President Joko Widodo's government, starting from the development of infrastructure, industrial estates to the plan for the construction of a new capital city which must continue after the end of the Jokowi-Maruf Amin administration.
"In our view, Pak Prabowo is the right person to do it. I hope that my prayers when I said that were agreed by PDIP friends," he said, which was greeted with applause from the participants present.
After the event, Muzani told reporters that the harmony between the Gerindra Party and PDIP also occurred with other political parties.
"All (political parties) are on good terms because they are friends and comrades in arms," he said.
When asked whether the good relations between the Gerindra Party and the PDIP would lead to a coalition in the 2024 election, Muzani hoped so. "Hopefully," he said.
However, Muzani said that the opportunity for a coalition with other political parties is open, although until now the time for the election has not been determined.
When asked for a response to the presidential candidate pair Prabowo-Puan Maharani who was busy on various social media, Muzani only said "It's okay, it's fine,".
The newly inaugurated Gerindra Party DPC Semarang City office is located on Jalan Muwardi Raya, Kalicari, Kecamatan v Pedurungan, with a land area of 340 square meters.

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