Helping 2 Tons Of Paint To Beautify Nepal Van Java, Ganjar Pranowo Messages To The Village Head: Communities Be Educated, Do Training
Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo (DOK Public Relations Central Java)
MAGELANG - Who doesn't know Nepal Van Java. This unique tourist destination on the slopes of Mount Sumbing, precisely in the Hamlet of Temanggung Village, Magelang, is indeed a hit among travelers.
The area in the mountains offers extraordinary natural scenery. People's houses in the hills are colorfully painted so they look beautiful. Because of the unique shape of the residents' houses, Need Hamlet is known as Nepal Van Java.
The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, has visited the village several times. Finally, Ganjar cycled to Nepal Van Java during the Tour de Borobudur event in early November.
While participating in the Borobudur Marathon, Sunday, November 28, Ganjar provided assistance to the Nepalese Van Java community. To beautify the area, Ganjar donated 2 tons of paint which was handed over directly to the Temanggung village head, Lilik Setiawan.
"This can be used, yes, to beautify Nepal Van Java. To make it more colorful, if you take a photo, it will be even better," said Ganjar.
But not only physically, Gangar also advised the Temanggung village head to make other arrangements. Among them improve service, cleanliness and friendliness to tourists.
"If people can be taught, their rooms can be sold so that tourists can stay there. Do training, if you need capital, you can ask Bank Jateng. Service is improved, don't forget that cleanliness must be maintained," he said.
Meanwhile, the Village Head of Temanggung, Lilik Setiawan expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided. According to him, the assistance is a form of attention from Ganjar Pranowo to make Nepal Van Java even more beautiful.
"But earlier, Pak Ganjar also advised, not only physical improvements, but also other support improvements. Including service, friendliness, cleanliness and others so that tourists are more comfortable," he said.
Lilik continued that the two tons of paint will be used to beautify Nepal Van Java. Because so far, there are still many people's houses that have not been painted.
"Because in terms of numbers, our hamlet is spacious and there are many houses. So all this time there are those who have not got all of them. God willing, with this assistance, all the residents' houses there can be painted to make them more beautiful," he concluded.

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