The Constitutional Court Rules The Unconstitutional Job Creation Law, Fadli Zon: It Should Have Been Canceled, Many Problems Since The Beginning Of The Process
Gerindra Party Politician (Fadli Zon/Instagram @fadlizon)
JAKARTA - Gerindra Party politician Fadli Zon expressed his views regarding the Constitutional Court (MK) which ruled that Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation (omnibus law) was unconstitutional.
Fadli considered that the Job Creation Act should be annulled. Because he considers the Omnibus Law to have many problems in the process of being drafted by the Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR RI) together with the government.
"This law should be annulled because it is against the constitution and there have been many problems since the beginning of the process. There are too many 'invisible hands'," said Fadli on the fadlizon Twitter account, quoted on Sunday, November 28.
This member of Commission I of the DPR also considers that the current Job Creation Law cannot be implemented as long as it has not been revised. The deadline for repairs is two years.
"If it is repaired within 2 years, it means that it cannot be used if it has not been repaired," he said.
As previously reported, the Constitutional Court declared that the Job Creation Act was unconstitutional because it was formally flawed because the discussion process did not comply with the rules and did not meet the element of openness.
The Court considered that the merging method or the omnibus law in the Job Creation Law was not clear whether it was the making of a new law or a revision.
In addition, this law is considered not to hold the principle of openness to the public even though it has held several meetings with several parties in the process of its formation.
The reason is that the meeting is considered not to have reached the stage of the substance of the law. Likewise, the draft Law on Job Creation is also considered by the Court to be not easily accessible to the public.

In connection with this decision, the government through the Minister of Law and Security (Menkumham) Yasonna Laoly said that the revision of the Job Creation Law would soon be drafted. Not only that, he ensured that there would be no new rules derived from the legislation.
"The government respects and obeys the decision of the Constitutional Court and will of course implement Law Number 11 of 2020 concerning Job Creation as well as possible. Including not issuing new strategic rules until improvements are made," Yasonna said.
Even so, he said this law was still valid in accordance with the Constitutional Court's decision.
"It will remain constitutionally valid until an amendment is made no later than two years after the verdict is read," said the PDIP Party politician.

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