The Natural Story Of A Salto Racing Car Accident Until It Overturned In Meikarta, Bamsoet: Memorable Experience
Instagram photo @bambang.soesatyo
JAKARTA - Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo told the incident of a car accident that he experienced during the National Sprint Rally Championship, Meikarta, Bekasi, West Java on Saturday, November 27 yesterday.
At that time, Bamsoet was the navigator for racer Sean Gelael who competed in the 2021 National Sprint Rally. The car he used seemed to be speeding in the rally racing area. However, this car overturned after passing through the mound and stopped on the right side.
Bamsoet and Sean Gelael's car had time to fly and somersault several times. Fortunately, Bamsoet and Sean who were driving a Citroen C3 R5 car survived.
"Alhamdulillah, Sean and I survived without being injured. Apart from the Citroen C3 R5, which is famous for having an international level of safety, which is homologated for World Rally class 2," Bamsoet said in his statement, quoted on Sunday, November 28.
Bamsoet said that he and Sean were able to survive the accident because Sean, who was behind the wheel, could remain calm even though the car was upside down.
Shortly after the car rolled over, Sean got out and overturned the tilted car. Later, Sean helped Bamsoet out of the car without anyone else's help.
"There I witnessed firsthand Sean's mentality as a world-class racer. Even though the car was overturned, he remained calm. Asking how I was, and then directing me not to move, Sean got out of the car first, then helped me out of the car," said Bamsoet.
Despite experiencing a stressful incident, the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Motor Association admitted that the accident was memorable for him. He took the lesson that accidents can happen no matter how great the racer.
"A memorable experience that will not be forgotten. Not because of an accident, but because you can know how it feels like the struggle of the athletes while on the race track. Especially if they are fighting in international championships to make the nation's name proud," he said.
The deputy head of the Golkar Party admitted that at that time the weather and track were quite good since morning. However, it turns out that accidents can still happen. Therefore, Bamsoet reminded every racer and his team officials to always apply high safety standards for their vehicles.
"No matter how great a racer, he certainly cannot avoid the risk of an accident. Therefore, reliable management and cohesiveness with his team are needed to always apply various safety standards," he explained.

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