Dare To Criticize The Police? Go Ahead, If You Win, You Will Be Rewarded With A Prize Of IDR 5-10 Million
Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Police, Kombes Zahwani Pandra Arsyad (Photo: ANTARA/HO)
LAMPUNG - The Lampung Police will hold a rally oration competition for the 2021 National Police Chief Cup which will be held on 2 December. The oration competition, which was held at the Lampung Regional Police Headquarters, also commemorated the World Human Rights Day.
The Head of Public Relations of the Lampung Police, Kombes Zahwani Pandra Arsyad, explained that this oration competition was held with the aim of providing space and a forum for the public to express their aspirations, criticisms and expressions.
"Providing a forum or space for the community to express their aspirations and expressions, as well as providing education to the public on how to express their aspirations in accordance with applicable rules and laws," he said in Bandarlampung, Antara, Saturday, November 27.
The theme of the competition is 'Commemorating Human Rights Day.' While the sub-theme of the event is free. In other words, participants are free to deliver oration in the form of criticism or constructive input.
Pandra added that this activity is a commitment of the National Police which highly respects the aspirations of the community which is one of human rights. This is as regulated in Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution and Law Number 9 of 1998 concerning Freedom to Express Opinions in Public.
"Polri always respects and respects human rights in the form of guarding democracy by protecting citizens who express opinions in public," said the former Meranti Islands Police Chief.
All elements of society can participate in this activity. Starting from students, workers, farmers, and other elements. This competition consists of 1 team that can contain 5-13 people. Registration for the competition starts from November 25, 2021 until November 30, 2021.
After carrying out the competition at the regional police level, on December 5, the participants who won 1st place in the video will be sent to the central level or the National Police Headquarters for selection, if elected, they will appear at the central level or the National Police Headquarters on December 10.
The Lampung Police prepared a prize of Rp. 10 million for the first winner. Then, IDR 5 million for the second place winner, and IDR 3 million for the third place participant plus trophies and certificates.
In addition, the first runner-up will receive a cash prize of IDR 1.5 million, and for the second runner-up of IDR 1 million.
Participants who are not selected will also be given pocket money and certificates. For registration, you can go through the link https://bit.ly/3HTCXRK or for more information you can call 0821-7996-9633.

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