Later This Afternoon, BMKG Predicts Rain In The South And East Jakarta Areas With Lightning
Black clouds cover the sky in Jakarta (ANTARA)
JAKARTA - The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) reminded residents to be aware of the potential for rain accompanied by lightning in some areas of Jakarta on Sunday, November 28, 2021.
This was conveyed by BMKG through its official website which was launched on Sunday, November 28. Jakarta's weather conditions throughout Friday from morning to evening were sunny cloudy to rainy accompanied by lightning.
"Be aware of the potential for rain accompanied by lightning and strong winds in the South and East Jakarta areas in the afternoon and evening," the BMKG wrote, quoted by Antara.
BMKG data on Sunday morning stated that the entire administrative area of DKI Jakarta in the morning is predicted to be cloudy. Then, entering the afternoon, the administrative areas of West Jakarta, Central Jakarta and South Jakarta are expected to experience light rain.
Then, the areas of South Jakarta and East Jakarta are predicted to rain with lightning. Meanwhile, the Thousand Islands region is predicted to have cloudy conditions.
Entering the evening, BMKG estimates that the entire administrative area of DKI Jakarta will be cloudy. Then on Monday morning, the Thousand Islands weather conditions are predicted to have light rain and other areas with cloudy conditions.
Meanwhile, the air temperature is estimated to be around 25-33 degrees Celsius. West Jakarta will be in the range of 25-33 degrees, Central Jakarta 26-31 degrees.
Next, South Jakarta and East Jakarta are estimated to be around 25-32 degrees. The North Jakarta administration area is predicted to have a temperature in the range of 26-31, then the Thousand Islands is in the range of 27-32 degrees.
For air humidity, BMKG estimates it will be in the 70-90 percent range. West Jakarta and Central Jakarta in the range of 75-90 percent.
Then, East Jakarta and Jakarta Tuesday 70-90 percent, the humidity in North Jakarta is predicted to be around 75-90 percent and the Thousand Islands in the range of 80-90 percent.

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