Anies Collaborates With Bamsoet-Sahroni To Hold Formula E, PDIP: Please, Interpellation Continues
VOI DOCUMENTATION/Press meeting related to Formule E some time ago (PHOTO: Diah Ayu)

JAKARTA - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan collaborated with the Chairman of the Indonesian Motorcycle Association (IMI) Bambang Soesatyo as the Chair of the Jakarta E-Prix or Formula E Steering Committee and the Secretary General of IMI Ahmad Sahroni as the Chief Executive.

In response, the chairman of the PDIP faction of the DKI DPRD, Gembong Warsono, invited Anies to involve the chairman of the MPR and members of the DPR. What is clear, he said, is that the proposed Interpellation Formula E is still running.

"Talk about how Formula E will be implemented, please. However, the consequence is that the interpellation that we are rolling out is still on," said Gembong when contacted, Friday, November 26.

Moreover, according to Gembong, the involvement of the parliamentary officials who are the administrators of the IMI is the right of Anies and the BUMD PT Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) as organizers.

"The technical issue is the implementation, it's an executive matter. The executive has already delegated to Jakpro, that's Jakpro's business, we don't interfere in that matter. Please hire who, invite whom, that's the right of the executive and organizers," said Gembong.

For information, Governor Anies announced this decision after a meeting between the Co-founder of Formula E, Alberto Longo; President Director of PT Jakpro, Widi Amanasto; Chairman of IMI, Bambang Soesatyo; and Secretary General of IMI, Ahmad Sahroni, Wednesday, November 24.

In the meeting, they discussed the development of the event organized by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government through Jakpro. Anies conveyed that the preparations for the international event to be held on June 4, 2022 were going well.

"We would like to convey that Alhamdulillah, the preparations for the implementation of Formula E on June 4, 2022 God willing, are going well. Just now with us, Alberto Longo, the leader of Formula E, Mr. Bambang Soesatyo, the chairman of IMI, Mr. Sahroni, the Secretary General of IMI, and Mr. Widi, the Director of Jakpro," Anies said in a written statement, Thursday, November 25.

Anies also revealed that Formula E activities next year will adopt a collaboration scheme. So Jakpro will collaborate with IMI in organizing the event.

“So the Formula E activities will be held as a collaboration. There will be a Steering Committee led directly by Mr. Bambang Soesatyo, the Chair of IMI, then an Organizing Committee led by Mr. Sahroni, and the Operational Implementation will be carried out by Jakpro, "said Governor Anies.

With this collaboration scheme, Governor Anies hopes that the Formula E event will run successfully and smoothly. Moreover, IMI has experience in organizing racing events, be it two-wheeled, four-wheeled, or others.

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