KPK Still Waiting For Edhy Prabowo's Attitude After His Sentence Was Tightened By The DKI High Court
Gedung KPK (Irfan Meidianto/VOI)

JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is waiting for the attitude of former Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo after his sentence was increased to nine years in prison by the DKI Jakarta High Court.

If the former Gerindra Party politician does not file an appeal or cassation, he will be executed immediately to a correctional institution (prison).

"If the defendant does accept the decision from the High Court, then of course we will immediately carry out the execution," said Acting KPK Spokesperson for Enforcement, Ali Fikri, to reporters, Friday, November 26.

Executions to prisons, continued Ali, can only be carried out when there are no more legal remedies, such as cassation. Even if Edhy Prabowo returns to appeal, the KPK will still respect it.

"But in principle, of course we are waiting to see what the development of this case will be and we will definitely inform you later what the final result of the defendant's decision will be," he said.

Previously, the DKI Jakarta High Court had increased the sentence of former Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Edhy Prabowo to 9 years in prison. Previously, Edhy was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The PT DKI panel of judges aggravated Edhy's verdict because he did not accept the verdict at the first instance. In the memory of Edhy's appeal, there is no new pretext that can make the sentence commuted.

In addition, his position as minister is also a burdensome factor. The judge was of the opinion that Edhy should be an example for his subordinates.

Next, the judge also required the former Gerindra Party politician to pay a replacement fee of Rp 9,687,447,219 and US$ 77,000, taking into account the money that had been returned by Edhy Prabowo.

The money must be paid by Edhy within one month after the court's decision has permanent legal force. If not paid, his property will be confiscated and then auctioned off as a cover for the lack of payment.

Later, if the money from the auction is still not enough to pay the replacement money, Edhy's sentence will be added for 3 years.

Furthermore, the judge also imposed an additional sentence in the form of revocation of political rights for three years. This punishment takes effect after Edhy has finished serving his prison term.

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