Super Strict Health Protocol For World Superbike Spectators, Director Of Hospital: Hopefully There Will Be No WSBK Cluster
Mandalika Circuit (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The Managing Director of the Mataram City Regional General Hospital (RSUD), Dr. Ni Ketut Eka Nurhayati, said that the implementation of strict COVID-19 health protocols during the successful World Superbike (WSBK) event was not expected to create new clusters.

"Entering the circuit arena is very strict, both for the organizers, spectators, and other parties, they are asked to comply with the COVID-19 health protocol", she told reporters in Mataram, Monday, November 22, quoted from Antara.

In addition to health protocol, continued Eka, spectators were also required to bring negative evidence of an antigen swab as an effort to break the chain of spreading COVID-19 during WSBK.

"Therefore, we hope that there will be no WSBK cluster and no spike in COVID-19 cases", she said.

According to her, so far from the results of the antigen swab and PCR activities carried out by her team at the Mataram City Hospital for both WSBK and other interests, the average is negative.

"Therefore, until now the COVID-19 case in Mataram City is still sloping and there are no additional cases", she said.

Meanwhile, related to referral patients to the Mataram City Hospital, both from spectators and WSBK racers, said Eka, there were also none.

"If the Michael racer case yesterday fell at the final level, and was immediately taken to the NTB Hospital by helicopter for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) check. That's all, because he wants to return to Europe", she said.

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