3,686 Heads Of Families Affected By Floods In Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatra, BNPB Reminds Residents To Stay Alert
Floods in the High Cliffs of North Sumatra (Photo: BNPB DOK/Diah Ayu)

JAKARTA - There has been a flood in Tebing Tinggi City, North Sumatra since Sunday, November 21. As of Monday early this morning, the flood was still inundated in 13 sub-districts in Tebing Tinggi.

Plt. Head of National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) Abdul Muhari said that the flood in Tebing Tinggi affected 3,686 families (KK).

"The latest development of flooding in Tebing Tinggi City, as many as 3,686 families were affected in 13 urban villages. The water level ranges from 20 to 100 cm," said Abdul Muhari in his statement, Monday, November 22.

Today, the weather forecast informs that light to moderate rain is still likely to occur during the day and into the evening.

Meanwhile, the chance of rain with that intensity is still possible on Tuesday. Abdul Muhari said that the local government and local communities need to be aware of the potential for subsequent flooding.

He said the sub-districts in Tebing Tinggi City that were affected by the flood included Tebing Tinggi Lama, Badak Bejuang, Mandailing and Pasar Baru sub-districts in Tebing Tinggi Kota.

"Furthermore, Brohol and Bandar Sakti Villages are in Batipe Subdistrict, Satria and Tambangan Hulu Villages are in Padang Hilir Subdistrict, Pabatu, Tualang and Persiankan Villages are in Padang Hulu Subdistrict, and Sri Padang Village is in Rambutan Subdistrict," he added.

Abdul Muhari said the Tebing Tinggi City BPBD together with the TNI, Polri, related agencies, and volunteers were still on standby in the affected areas.

"This is to anticipate the aftershocks. Officers are also alert if they have to evacuate residents to a safe place," he concluded.

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