A Total Of 62 Karaoke Places Start To Conduct Trial Operations
A number of family karaokes in Jakarta are conducting trial operations. (photo: instagram)

JAKARTA - As many as 62 karaoke business places this week began conducting trial operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even so, the DKI Provincial Government continues to issue a number of guidelines. One of them is that visitors are still required to wear masks and keep their distance.

The Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Office of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Andhika Permata said, the guidelines were contained in circular letter (SE) number 219/SE/2021 which contained Guidelines for the Use of Care to Protect Applications and the Implementation of Health Protocols in the Context of Trials for Opening a Karaoke Business. Family PPKM Level 1.

Andhika said that his party asked all owners or managers of family karaoke businesses to carry out the stipulated provisions.

"The family karaoke business as listed in the appendix is a family karaoke business that has passed verification through the Jakarta Provincial Health Protocol Assessment Joint Team," he told reporters, Saturday, November 6.

According to Andhika, karaoke business managers who have not applied for reopening can submit an application to the Tourism and Creative Economy Office with the requirements as stated in the Circular Letter of the Head of the Tourism and Creative Economy Office Number 64/SE/2021.

All employees and visitors, continued Andhika, who enter a family karaoke business, without exception, must have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

"Has a vaccine certificate listed in the PeduliLindung account, is in good health (normal body temperature) and complies with health protocols (wearing masks, washing hands and maintaining distance)," he said.

According to Andhika, the list of business names and the mechanism for receiving visitors in the context of the trial of opening a family karaoke business during the PPKM Level 1 period in DKI Jakarta Province are as listed in the Appendix which is an integral part of the Circular.

"This Circular will come into effect on November 2, 2021 until November 15, 2021," he said.

Andhika said that the SE was attached with operating standards and health protocol procedures, as well as a mechanism for accepting visitors at karaoke places.

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