JAKARTA - Adjji Alvarenda, a newcomer singer from Sukabumi, West Java, launched his debut single titled 'Lelah Facing You'. This song became his introduction to enliven the Indonesian music industry.

The 'Lelah Against You' tells the story of the sacrifice of a person who is sincere and honest for a loved one, but always gives back suspicions and fears caused by his partner's thoughts, so that not the slightest trust grows, always wrong, always blames and always gives in. Until finally he fell out of feeling and tired of facing everything then chose to leave.

The song, written and produced by Oky Ridwan Hakiki, carries a pop ballad or more often called a upset song. The song arrangement is inspired by the soundtrack of Korean dramas which are considered to be closely related to young listeners in the country.

Adjji, who is currently under the auspices of Nagaswara, is expected to be able to give a new color to the many existing music releases. Previously, the man who was born in 1994 sang more often in cafes and wedding parties.

"I have liked the world of singing since elementary school in 2005, and then decided to become a professional singer in 2016, starting from café to café singers to weddings in my hometown, in Sukabumi," said Adjji in a written statement received by VOI, Friday, May 17.

The beginning of Ajji's joining Nagaswara was also quite special. The label who saw his musical talent tried to contact him first through social media.

"Surprise, there is a big label that contacts me via DM on Instagram, to meet and chat more deeply by providing an option to join, where the label that has raised Kerispatih as my favorite band. And coincidentally, I have never contracted to cooperate professionally with any party. And finally I decided to join Nagaswara and my concept is a solo singer, "said Adjjji.

Through his single debut 'Lelah Facing You' which also presents music videos by presenting stories from husband and wife who are taking care of divorce, Ajji hopes to work by making a good impact on the listeners.

"My hope is through a song to convey a moral message that be wise in making a decision, because when we make the wrong decision, there will be other things that will be victims. And establishing a relationship without trust will be in vain. In addition, I also hope that this single can be accepted by all listeners and music lovers wherever they are. concluded Adjji Alvandra.

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