The Fly Presents Songs With Full Distortion Titled You Must Know
The Fly released a single titled You Must Know (doc. Special)

JAKARTA - Left behind by personnel who come and go over and over again, The Fly shows their creativity has not faded. Kin Aulia (vocals, guitar) and Levi Santoso (bass) have just released a new single entitled You Must Know (KHT).

This song is special because it was released to coincide with the 29th anniversary of The Fly's work on December 5 yesterday.

Through KHT, The Fly also shows its identity as one of the rock bands that had big names in the 2000s.

Kin Aulia plays her guitar with a full distortion throughout the song. The Fly wants to restore the taste of rock music connoisseurs who may have faded by now.

Meanwhile, KHP tells the story of the expression of hurt in the heart of a man who is loyal to his partner, but the woman has repeatedly played with her feelings, manipulative, possessive, prosecutor and liar.

The love of the man faded. He decided to end his relationship.

Meanwhile, the single recording process this time involved Axel Andaviar to fill in the drums. He also contributed to working on the video clip.

For information, You Must Know from The Fly can now be heard on various digital music platforms. Meanwhile, video clips can be watched on the flybandofficial YouTube channel.

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