Meiska Adinda Conveys That The Third Person Perspective Can No Longer Form
Meiska Adinda (Doc. Meiska Adinda)

JAKARTA - Meiska Adinda released a new single titled Unformed. The song, which was released on Friday, March 31, has the theme of the story of a third person in a relationship based on Meiska's personal experience.

"So, this single is taken from the point of view of someone who is in the middle of a relationship or becomes a third person. The girl and the boy were close, but they didn't have a serious relationship," Meiska said in a written statement received by the editor.

"After separating, one day, this guy came back again, even though he already has a partner. Even though he still loves it, this girl knows that this is wrong and asks the guy to leave. Yes, I made my own experience as a source of inspiration for the lyrics of this song. I was in that position, without my knowledge, and knew that it was wrong so I decided to ask the guy to stay away, "said Meiska.

Unformed Again is a creation of Martinus Tintin. However, when it was first sent in the form of a demonstration, this woman who was born in Denpasar only received her notation.

"After hearing the tone, I was asked to make lyrics. I had doubts, but fortunately, everything went smoothly because I was also assisted by Clara Riva in compiling the lyrics," said Meiska.

Only received a notation and asked to make lyrics, obviously a new experience for Meiska. However, fortunately he has the support of people who are experts like Barsena, as vocal directors.

With the completion of this song, Meiska hopes that the single will not be formed again can be accepted by the public.

"When we are in the wrong position in a relationship, aka being a third person, stay away immediately. Don't stay away because it's not something good and hurts everyone," he said.

"Imagine if we become hurt, we must be sad and angry. Because of that, through this song, I want to give a message that we must be able to position ourselves," he concluded.

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