Seconds Of The Proclamation Of Indonesian Independence: National Leaders Sahur Together At Admiral Maeda's House
Diorama Soekarno, Mohammad Hatta, and Ahmad Soebardjo formulated the text of the proclamation of Indonesia's independence at the Museum of the Formulation of the Proclamation Manuscript in Jakarta, which used to be the home of Admiral Maeda. (Antara/Arnidhya Nur Zhafira)/

JAKARTA - Preparations for the proclamation of Indonesian independence are full of dynamics. Japan's top navy, Admiral Maeda offered a place. The Japanese were one of those who supported an independent Indonesia. At his house, freedom fighters gathered.

They discussed many things. From preparation to the formulation of the text of the proclamation for tomorrow. Long discussions in the month of Ramadan are presented, even until the early hours of the morning. The meeting ended with national leaders enjoying a meal together at Maeda's residence.

The pressure of the young group made the proclamation of Indonesian independence be carried out immediately. No need to waste time, he thought. The freedom fighters also agreed to hold a meeting to prepare for the proclamation.

Admiral Maeda also offered to help. He made his home a meeting center. The offer from Maeda was heeded. Moreover, the security of freedom fighters is guaranteed. There is no other Japanese soldier's story that will disturb the agenda of formulating the proclamation text at the house of its top brass.

At Maeda's house, the freedom fighters formed a small committee to formulate the text of the proclamation. The small committee included Soekarno, Hatta, Sukarni, Soebardjo, and Sayuti Melik. The choice was none other than because the five of them were considered competent in formulating the manuscript.

The former house of Admiral Maeda on Jl. Imam Bonjol 1 Jakarta which is now the Museum for the Formulation of the Proclamation Manuscript. (Wikimedia Commons)

There was debate. Regarding the exact meaning and diction, the main thing. The text of the proclamation was announced to all those present. Everyone nodded in agreement.

“In the rewriting by the figures regarding the preparation of the text of this proclamation, there have been differences of opinion. Hatta said that he dictated to Sukarno, the text, which was heard by others, the others included, besides Sukarno, also Subardjo, Sukarni, and Sajuti Malik."

“Meanwhile, Subardjo stated in his notes that he was the one who dictated the first sentence of the text to Soekarno. The formulation of the Proclamation Manuscript took a long time. The difficulty in choosing the right diction is the source,” said Anwar Abbas in the book Bung Hatta and Islamic Economics (2010).

Soekarno and Hatta advised everyone to sign the text of the proclamation of Indonesian independence. However, debate arose. All of them finally agreed with Sukarnim's suggestion that the one who signed the text of the proclamation of Soekarno-Hatta was the same. Both are considered sufficient to represent all Indonesian people.

The meeting ended in the early hours of 03:00, August 17, 1945. However, not all of them chose to go straight home. Especially when it was Fasting Month. Some of them chose to eat sahur first at Maeda's residence.

The original text of the proclamation of Indonesian independence, which was conceptualized by Mohammad Hatta and written by Soekarno. (Doc. Kemendikbud)

"It was the fasting month. Before I go home I can still eat sahur at Admiral Maeda's house. Since there was no rice, all I ate was bread, eggs, with sardines. But quite filling. After saying goodbye and saying thank you very much to the host, I went home with a hug from Soekarno, who stopped me at home."

“I just went to bed after the morning prayer, and woke up around 8:30 am. After taking a shower and shaving, I got ready to go to Pegangsaan Timur 56, to attend the reading of the text of the proclamation to the people and raise the flag of the Red and White which will be locked with the anthem Indonesia Raya," said Bung Hatta in the book Mohammad Hatta: Memoir (1979) .

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