Five Vi Calls Sungkem To Parents Triggering Shirk Make Warganet Tepok Jidat
Five Vi (Instagram Five Vi)

JAKARTA - In Indonesian culture, Sungkem or bersimpuh is a way that many of us know to respect our fathers and mothers or more precisely parents. But what happens if that form of respect is considered to be able to plunge Muslims into shirk?

This was conveyed by a former artist who now wears the hijab, Five Vi Rachmawati. The former filmmaker, who often dresses sexy, said not to bow down to his parents.

According to him, Allah is faster to get our prostration than the elders. This was expressed through his Instagram content.

There, he also quoted a hadith narrated by Tirmidhi. "If I could tell a man to prostrate to another man, I would surely command a woman to prostrate to her husband."

So what is the full text of Five Vi when explaining the content that sparked the controversy? This is it.

"Bismillah, Assalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarokatuh .. Is this the way to be devoted to the elderly? Isn't Allah Robbul 'alamin the faster we worship and prostrate in gratitude? Is there a command from Allah and His Messenger to teach? Or is it a prohibition? Religion based on evidence from A-Qur 'an and Hadith, not from feelings (lust) and intellect, lest we fall into shirk, or disbelief in the favors of Allah who has given us, Nauzubillahiminzalik. "

Finally, he said that the da'wah content he uploaded was advice for Muslims.

"Favors of any kind, the favors of victory, the favors of success, the favors of parents who educate us well, the favors of health, the favors of breath, all Allah Ar Razak the Giver of favors. Advice for myself, brothers and sisters in Islam, Wallahua'lam Bissoab , "he said.

Quoted from, netizens also responded. "The spirit of mb, our job is only to convey the truth, still istiqomah," wrote ibrahim *****.

"Most of the artists who have migrated now..make Islam feel stiff..understand the verse textually only not in a contextual way. They feel that Islam is true even though their knowledge is still shallow..should if they migrate..learn more aqeedah..not even menggurui..cuma baru tau 1 or 2 rasanya sdh seperti penceramah..yg berkaliber dunia..tepok jidat !!!!! " tulishjindr *****.

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