4 Reasons Jessica Iskandar Willing To Marry Vincent Verhaag
Jessica Iskandar and Vincent Verhaag (Screenshot of The Bride Story)

JAKARTA - Jessica Iskandar is officially married to Vincent Verhaag today, Friday, October 22. Vincent claimed to love Jessica and El Barack, so he was very moved when he got married.

"Crying, can't hide the emotion. We got married because I know we share the same vision. For example, for a place to live, if Jes wants to be in the country, I can't go abroad. We are of the same mind," said Vincent.

In a virtual press conference, Jessica Iskandar revealed 4 reasons she was willing to accept Vincent's proposal.

1. Know at the Lowest Point "I know Vincent is not at my best. So when I'm not good. At that moment, Vincent has seen me from falling until I can get up again, until I start loving myself, until I open my heart again . The process is long, starting from friendship without any close intentions. From the beginning he was always there. Why do I feel confident because Vincet was in my tough moment, "he explained.

2. Make Safe and Comfortable "I feel safe and comfortable when I'm near him," said Jedar.

3. Responsible Marriage for women who already have children, of course need more consideration. Jesicca said she was sure that Vincent was responsible not only to himself but also to El Barack.

"He is a responsible man for me and el barack. I'm sure he can educate me as a wife. A father for El Barack and his younger siblings in the future," he said.

4. Close to God "Since I fell, I have become closer to God. I pray more often, all the process is accompanied by prayer. I don't know why everything feels easy, the way is made easy by God," said Jessica Iskandar.

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