Official! Yuni's Film Becomes Indonesia's Representative For Oscar 2022
Arawinda Kirana (Instagram @fourcoloursfilms)

JAKARTA - Yuni's film, directed by Kamila Andini, was selected as the Indonesian representative for the International Feature Film category at the Academy Award or Oscar 2022.

This announcement was made by Hanung Bramantyo as Chairman of the Selection Committee representing the Indonesian Oscar Selection Committee on Friday, October 15.

"Based on the evaluation of the existing committee, the 2021 Indonesia Oscar Selection Committee has determined the film titled Yuni produced by Fourcolours Film and StarVision as the film of choice and has the right to represent Indonesia in the 94th Academy Award event in the International Features Film Award category," said Hanung Bramantyo online.

The Indonesian Oscar Selection Committee had several reasons for choosing Yuni. This film is considered to meet the requirements as a potential to compete in the international arena.

Not to forget that Yuni's film has already won international attention after being screened at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Yuni also won the Platform Prize at the same festival.

Furthermore, the committee hopes that the Indonesian government can support Yuni's promotion internationally.

"Government support should be mandatory if you say film is a medium of promotion and investment for the nation, but if not, the film itself will build the network's strength by the Academy Award," said director Garin Nugroho of Fourcolors Films.

Yuni tells the story of a woman named Yuni (Arawinda Kirana), a smart and outgoing high school student. His dream is to continue his education in college.

Unfortunately, in the midst of this desire, Yuni was asked to get married after high school. Yuni is proposed by two men who want to propose to her but she refuses for the sake of her dream.

A myth circulates that a woman who refuses three proposals will never marry. Yuni is even more restless when a third man comes to propose to her.

Yuni's film was also inspired by a poem by Sapardi Djoko Damono entitled Rain in June.

Currently, Yuni's film is releasing at a number of festivals in other countries such as the United States, Australia, Rome, and Japan. Yuni's film is scheduled to be released in Indonesia on December 9, 2021.

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