Benefits Of Serum With Kakadu Plum Content For Face
Ilustrasi (Mikhail Nilov / Pexels)

JAKARTA - Kakadu plum. A fruit that is quite foreign to most people's ears, but actually has prestige in the world of skincare. This fruit from Australia which is categorized as a superfruit is famous for its skin brightening benefits. Kakadu plum is even said to be a match for the traditional version of vitamin C in skincare products. Generally used as kakadu plum serum.

Reporting from The Zoe Report, Tuesday, September 21, dermatologists explain that kakadu plum is a fruit with the highest concentration of vitamin C on earth. Compared to Florida oranges, kakadu plums contain about 55 percent more vitamin C per ounce. Vitamin C has beauty benefits for the skin, no wonder Kakadu plum is a favorite ingredient in skincare ingredients, especially in serum. What are the benefits? Adapting the Beautified page, here's an explanation.

Brighten Skin

The high vitamin C content in Kakadu plum makes it effective in brightening the skin and reducing hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C is also what makes this fruit has a high antioxidant which is useful to protect the skin from bad environmental influences (such as pollution).

Rejuvenate Skin

The function of anti-aging skincare is also included in the benefits of the Kakadu plum fruit. Vitamin C contained in this fruit helps form proline, an amino acid that creates collagen. Collagen is what helps the skin firmer and supple.

Overcoming Acne

Even Kakadu plum has above average antiseptic power. That is the reason this fruit is also a mainstay for dealing with acne problems. The type of acid called gallic acid in Kakadu plum can kill acne-causing bacteria. While ellagic acid is useful for reducing inflammation. Good fruit for acne-prone skin or acne-prone skin.

Tips for using Kakadu Plum Skincare

Because of its strength, there are risks that should be considered when using Kakadu plum skincare products. For owners of sensitive skin, dermatologists recommend doing a small patch test before applying it all over the face. As for owners of dry or sensitive skin, always accompany the use of Kakadu plum products with a serum containing hyaluronic acid. The goal is to reduce the stinging sensation.

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