Sexual Arousal Too High? Recognize The Signs And Follow Expert Advice For Control
Illustration of sexual arousal (Unsplash/Jonathan Borba)

JAKARTA – Although there is no normal size and height if it is calculated based on how often a person wants to have sex, but when you feel controlled by this urge, you need to be aware and control it so it doesn't interfere with activities.

As Sarah Berry, psychosexual and relationship therapist says, if a person has a high sex drive and gets all the sexual satisfaction he craves with his partner, it's probably not a problem. But if you experience the conditions below, it means you need to deal with them wisely.

Unable to achieve satisfaction from a lot of sexual activity or masturbation. Can't get the amount or type of sex you want. Distracted by sexual fantasies. Work time, social, and rest time are disturbed because of sexual activity. Genital pain due to excessive sex or masturbation. Accustomed to fulfilling sexual desires that are risky and unsatisfactory. Too much pursuit of sexual gratification to prevent a relationship.

Reported by Netdoctor, Monday, September 20, uncontrolled sexual desire can also make it difficult for those around you. If you experience it, you might think it's fine. But maybe people around will be afraid because it is not controlled.

At a young age, increased sexual desire may be due to a surge in hormones. But for a more mature age, many factors affect sex drive. For example, the presence of medical symptoms such as drugs consumed. Other factors include brain injury, mania, hormonal imbalance, and an overactive thyroid.

Sarah Berry's advice, if you experience unexplained changes in libido, you should see a doctor. If you're too worried about having a sex drive that's too high, follow Sarah's advice below:

Realizing or talking to the therapist

Whatever the cause, if you're not happy with your sex life, talk to a therapist who can help you release the burdens, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and desires around sex, love, and relationships. Taking control of your desires needs to be realistic.

Hold the urge

According to Sarah, trying to resist the urge to release sexual urges is important. Sexual urges do not have to be followed by action, this needs to be understood to suppress harmful desires.

Focus on something else

For example, by making a list of how great your partner is or what you will gain by not acting on your desires.

Channeling energy

Some people find relief, joy, and great pride from channeling their sexual energy into other things. For example doing something creative, sports, other thrilling things, or to things related to spirituality.

Trying to find satisfying sex

A high sex drive can be very torturous for those struggling to find a sexual partner. Sarah helps clients experiencing this by increasing their self-confidence, improving their skills when dealing with other people, being open, and learning how to have sex with someone they may care about.

Finally, a sex drive that is too high can be caused by problems in the relationship. For example, one-sided sexual desire with a partner, then Sarah suggested to make a schedule alone for the couple.

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