Exclusive Prilly Latuconsina Reveals The Key To Success: Adapting To All Conditions
Prilly Latuconsina (Photo: Winston Gomez for VOI, DI: Raga/VOI)

JAKARTA - For an actor, changing the medium of work is a big challenge. Soap operas, films, theater stages, to online streaming can be places to show talent and existence. Not many can master everything like Prilly Latuconsina.

Prilly recognized her talent since childhood, even so she did not rely on natural talent by studying acting at the Ananda studio. Prilly Latuconsina started her career in the Indonesian entertainment world since 2009 by hosting the show Si Bolang.
His acting debut started from the soap opera Get Married The Series 1 in 2010 and reached its peak four years later when he played Sisi in Ganteng-Ganteng Serigala.
The eldest son of Rizal Latuconsina and Ully Djulita, he tried his hand at the big screen in 2013 in the film Honeymoon. However, success in soap operas does not necessarily lead to success in films.
Prilly Latuconsina (Photo: Winston Gomez for VOI, DI: Raga/VOI)
Three years after playing on the big screen, Prilly was only able to get her star when she played the movie Hangout, which won more than 2.6 million viewers. Prilly then starred in the film Danur: I Can See Ghost which also became a box office with 2.7 million viewers. The film earned a record-breaking award as the film with the most viewers in six days.
The pandemic changed the direction of Prilly's career. Again he had to adjust to a new medium, video streaming. When films are forced to lie down because cinemas are closed to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19, filmmakers stutter. Three months in confusion about health protocols, all filming activities were suspended.
Prilly and Reza Rahadian became ice-breakers with the presence of the My Lecturer My Husband series. The series that aired on WeTV turned things around. Bringing new passion for Indonesian cinema.
Prilly Latuconsina (Photo: Winston Gomez for VOI, DI: Raga/VOI)
This time it was enough to try once, Prilly immediately got the love of Over The Top (OTT) fans. Prilly can also prove that filming can still be done during the pandemic.
"I feel when My Lecturer My Husband is said to be successful, I am very happy. Because I feel loved by the audience. My fansbase can focus on my work," said Prilly in a virtual interview with VOI some time ago.
He realized that the success was not his own. Film is a collective work that requires the common awareness of all involved in it.
"This success happened because the people in it worked amazingly. In my opinion, like soap operas, films, OTT, it's a collective work. Without a good story, a cool director, cool co-stars too. It's impossible for a product to be successful. succeed if it is not assisted by the team involved," he said.
So what is Prilly's recipe for success? "Don't be satisfied quickly. And continue to hone your skills to be able to play in several characters so that people don't get bored when watching us because they can always display different characters," he explained.
Apparently, there is one thing that Prilly believes to be her best support. "We must be able to maintain the fans based that we have. Because they will continue to support our work," he added.
My Lecturer My Husband Succeeds During a Pandemic
Prilly Latuconsina (Photo: Winston Gomez for VOI, DI: Raga/VOI)
Prilly Latuconsina did not imagine My Lecturer My Husband would be successful in OTT. This series brings young to adult audiences to be willing to pay when they want to watch.
"Honestly, I didn't think it would be successful. Because My Lecturer My Husband was the first project during a pandemic. At that time we were the ones who dared to produce during the pandemic. So it was really gambling, 50-50 percent. I didn't expect it to be this successful. But I already thought if the results will be good. Because behind My Lecturer My Husband there is a cool team," he assured.
A good story, is the key to the success of My Lecturer My Husband. That is also the reason Prilly is willing to play in this series.
Because when choosing a role, Prilly always considers the story first. "Because I think the script is the most important element for soap operas, films and OTT. So the story will be the first consideration. Then how can my character develop," he explained.
Prilly Latuconsina (Photo: Winston Gomez for VOI, DI: Raga/VOI)
Are your co-stars also a consideration? "Yes, dong, co-stars are also a consideration. Because co-stars can't be invited to work well together. If you can't have a good discussion, you'll definitely be seen playing alone. Because in my opinion, good actors can be invited to work together. balanced, not more dominant or inferior," he said.
Prilly admitted that she would look for a partner to work with. "Not like that, yes, there are not many protests at the location, which has a positive impact on me," she explained.
So, whoever her co-stars are, Prilly insists they are the best. "Because before playing, I have considered. So when I play, I think all are the best opponents for me," he said.
Prilly Latuconsina (Photo: Winston Gomez for VOI, DI: Raga/VOI)
When compared to soap operas, what makes OTT series more interesting? "What makes it interesting is how many episodes there are. The ending is also clear. We read first, practice first. OTT is the first choice during a pandemic," he explained.
Setting a record with WeTV which has a local taste, Prilly said she was happy. "It's really nice to be able to collaborate with WeTV. We can develop together, yes. Then there are many features that help develop the promotion," he explained.
The bonus you get from OTT is serial viewing, so there are no country limits. According to Prilly, this is an opportunity for Indonesian filmmakers.
"My hope is that the global market can see the Indonesian market. We are not inferior to the foreign market," he explained.
This 24-year-old girl doesn't seem to want to stop learning. Having succeeded as a player, now Prilly is also a producer in the film Today Why Naira. "This is a project that I worked on from scratch. It aired on True Id. I was involved from story making, players, color selection, and shots, so I could give new colors in OTT," he explained.

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