Thanks To Drama Hospital Playlist 2, Organ Donors In South Korea Increase By 11x
Hospital Playlist (Twitter @CJnDrama)

JAKARTA - Who would have thought that the influence of Korean dramas was so big in life? This is happening with the Korean drama Hospital Playlist 2 which is currently airing.

Launching SportsChosun today, August 25, an organization for organ donors called the Sanggi Organ Donation Movement wrote their gratitude for the many people who signed up for Hospital Playlist 2.

They said, “Through Hospital Playlist 2, I understand that organ donation can help many souls and make an impact with their families.” Others said, "I made a decision after watching Hospital Playlist 2."

Hospital Playlist 2 chronicles the lives of doctors at Yulje Hospital and how they interact with patients.

The third episode tells the story of two mothers with children who are waiting for a heart transplant. Then in episode seven, a man decides to donate the organs of his mother who was diagnosed with brain death.

According to the National Organ Organization and Blood Management Institute, 16,231 people signed up for donors from July to early August.

A week after episode seven aired, 7,042 people signed up for organ donation. This shows Hospital Playlist 2 brings a big role in donation.

It is known that Hospital Playlist 2's rating had decreased in episode seven, which was 10.6 percent. After that, the rating has increased, especially in episode nine, which is 12.9 percent.

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