5 Good Food Ingredients Not Stored In The Refrigerator
Illustration of storing groceries in a refrigerator (Pexels/Max Vakhtbovych)

JAKARTA - Refrigerator or refrigerator is the safest place to store groceries and food that is ready to be served. In addition to keeping plants fresh for a certain period of time, stored in the refrigerator also so as not to get stale.

But not with these 5 foods, because the unique texture can be damaged or harmful to health. In addition, certain foods should not be stored in the refrigerator because it can damage the taste of other foods in the refrigerator. What are the foods, here's the list.


If you put tomatoes in the refrigerator, then the maturation process will stop and experience a change in taste. This is due to changes in the chemical structure, which are volatile compounds that will affect taste.

Texture and color will be influenced by the temperature of the refrigerator. Refrigerator temperature below 5 degrees selsius can change the texture of the fruit to be softer.


Potatoes should indeed be stored in a cool and cold place. It is best kept wrapped in paper or a perforated bag to keep it dry.

When stored in the refrigerator, potato flour will become glucose so that the texture changes. The color changes and the taste will be sweeter after cooking.


If the shallots have not been peeled need to be stored in a dry and cool place with good air circulation, not in the refrigerator. According to the National Onion Association, the only shallots that can be stored in the refrigerator, are those that have been peeled.

Stored in the refrigerator on the grounds that the water content remains high and the lowest humidity. And again, storing the peeled shallots in the refrigerator needs to make sure the container stays dry. If it has been cut or thinly sliced, store it in a closed container. It can hold stored for up to seven days.

As for garlic, if put in the refrigerator will be weathered. The best way to store garlic is at room temperature in a dry and dark container and have sufficient air circulation.


The fridge is the worst place to store different kinds of bread. Bread made from flour and margarine will dry and hard if stored in the refrigerator. That means, storing bread in a paired cupboard can ruin its texture and taste.


Putting bananas after they are cooked in the refrigerator can help keep this food cooked for a few days. For more than three days, the skin will blacken even if the fruit is preserved. But, if you put it while it is still raw, this fruit will never ripen.

It is most appropriate to store bananas, store them at room temperature by covering the paper part of the weevil. It aims to slow down the maturation process so that it is not easily rotten.

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