The Family Thinks Chadwick Boseman's 'defeat' At The Oscars Is Not Cheating
Chadwick Boseman (Netflix)

JAKARTA - Sunday, April 25, the 93rd Academy Awards crowned actor Anthony Hopkins as best actor for his role in the film The Father.

This announcement received mixed responses from the public. Various rumors began to emerge, one of which was about Chadwick Boseman who should have received the award.

Boseman's younger brother Derrick spoke to TMZ media on behalf of the actor's family that they did not feel upset or anything at Oscar.

Boseman was nominated for Best Actor for the film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Previously he was awarded Best Actor in the Golden Globes and the SAG Award. On the other hand, Hopkins also received the same award at BAFTA.

"(Derrick) does not see Chadwick not winning the Oscar for Best Actor as cheating because all the actors who are nominated are outstanding and deserve the award," read a TMZ statement released today, April 28.

Derrick said Chadwick didn't place much value on the Oscars. Derrick said Chadwick always called it a campaign. Which means… Yes, an Oscar can be an achievement but not an obsession. ”

Meanwhile, Anthony Hopkins who wanted to follow Oscar through Zoom was not allowed. Because of this, Hopkins' victory speech was posted on social media and he paid tribute to Boseman.

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