Turns Out This Is The Reason That Nicholas Saputra Is Strict About Maintaining Privacy And Not Displaying Personal Photos On Social Media
Nicholas Saputra (ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Actor Nicholas Saputra reminded social media users to maintain privacy and ethics while surfing in cyberspace.

"It is better before using social media, we think once, twice to measure the risk, especially about privacy," said Nicholas in a joint event with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics (Kominfo) in Surabaya, as quoted by Antara, Friday, April 16.

According to Nicholas, most social media users still do not really have awareness of privacy in the digital space. Therefore, Nicholas Saputra admits that he is very careful not to share things that are too personal in cyberspace.

"The culture may still not uphold the privacy, like for example about family problems, etc. I myself really uphold it because this has an effect everywhere; from security (data), cyberbullying, not even just for ourselves, but also the people around us," explained Nicholas.

"I also maintain the privacy of the people around me. We don't know what the digital world will be like in the future, but what is clear is that the digital footprint never disappears," he added.

The actor who played Rangga in the legendary film series "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?" also said that it is important for netizens to be ethical when playing social media. He highlighted the phenomenon of cyberbullying in Indonesia's digital world.

"Public figures are very vulnerable to cyberbullying, considering that there are many followers and comments. But, not only public figures who experience it, people who are not public figures can get it even though the intensity is different. So, the speed of technology must be balanced with ethics," he explained.

Nicholas invites people who often play on the internet to be wise. According to him, technology has many benefits and positive impacts if its users are able to make good friends and are aware of it.

"Social media seems to be something that cannot be separated from our daily lives. We can use it to express ourselves, communicate, discuss, and so on. This is a platform that can be used for various things, and the power lies with the user," he concluded.

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