The Indonesian Version Of 'Hello Ghost' Film Leaks A Picture Of Indro Warkop As A Ghost
Film Hello Ghost (Falcon Pictures)

JAKARTA - The film Hello Ghost, which is the adaptation of a Korean comedy horror film, has released a first look film. The film produced by Falcon Pictures is played by Indro Warkop, Tora Sudiro, Onadio, Enzy Storya, Hesti Purwadinata, Ciara Brosnan, and directed by Indra Gunawan.

Through the Kwikku Fest 2021 event, Sunday, April 4, Hello Ghost released photos while filming. The director of the film, Indra Gunawan, said he was very happy when he first got the offer to adapt this film.

"I was horrified when I was offered to direct this film. Previously, I have watched the original film. The audience is large, and this is a box office film in Korea. So remaking a film that is pretty huge at the box office is also a challenge. I am optimistic that this film will air at the cinema", he said.

Onad, who plays the character Kresna, was touched to admit that this film was the first film to disturb him. "This is the first film that spiritually as an actor really enters. Because throughout this film, it all centered on the character that I played. And this film really disturbs my psychology", said Onad while shedding tears during the presscon.

Enzy Storia also admitted that she was very happy to be able to play in this film. "I'm really happy playing in this film because I've been on hiatus for a long time from the film industry. This is my first time playing in a movie again, and getting offered to play in a film that I think is really good. Moreover, this was taken from a Korean box office film", she said.

Something different is in Indro Warkop, who did not watch the original version of the Hello Ghost film. Acting as a ghost, Indro wants to develop his character according to the imagination and direction of the director.

"I'm here to be a ghost. I didn't watch the original version of this film, because I was afraid to get distracted. Because here I acted according to the scenario, and the direction from Indra Gunawan as the director of this film", he said.

Meanwhile, Tora Sudiro, who plays the character Bima, feels challenged because of the lack of dialogue but has to convey a greeting. "I don't have a lot of dialogue here. I play more gestures. There is one scene that I really like, which is during the crying scene with Onad. We both cry and hug like I feel something", joked Mieke Amalia's husband.

Hesti Purwadinata, who plays the character, Lita also feels happy to compete acting with the actors involved in Hello Ghost. "I'm here crying all the time. But I can't tell you here right now. I've watched the original film, but I use my own character because we agreed from the start that we don't follow the original version of the character", she said.


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