Blood Type O Diet Prohibition, Avoid These 5 Types Of Foods
Illustration of food ingredients (Unsplash / Engin Akyurt)

JAKARTA - Blood type O is called social, because it can donate blood to other blood types. If you are blood type O and are on a diet program, it is necessary to avoid some foods.

The effect can make a weight loss diet fail, because the list of taboo foods actually makes you fat for blood type O.

Diet based on blood type has been coined by Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo many years ago. Although many have received criticism for insufficient scientific evidence, most people follow a diet based on the recommendations in the book and do not experience any health problems.

Check out the list of what types of food are not consumed by Blood Type O below.

Food contains carbohydrates

In fact, blood type O includes the most suitable foods compared to other blood types. Blood group O group are 'hunters' who are suitable for consuming a variety of foods.

Since ancient times, this group of hunters can eat all the results of hunting. Starting from vegetables, fruits, meat, and carbohydrates. But for people with blood type O a low carbohydrate diet is recommended.

This is related to the digestive system of this blood group, which is easier to digest fiber from meat than carbohydrate foods. Breads and other foods that contain carbohydrates make blood type O fat. The advice is to limit consumption of carbohydrates to keep your weight under control.

Avoid foods from certain types of fish

Fish that need to be avoided include catfish, caviar, octopus, barracuda and shellfish. Because blood type O has an unstable thyroid gland function, to keep it working according to function and not interfere with health, avoid consuming a lot of the fish list above.

Spinach, cabbage and eggplant

Spinach, cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, sprouts and mushrooms can all cause health problems for Blood Type O. These vegetables can trigger several diseases, such as thyroid disease, blood clots and digestive problems.

pantangan diet golongan darah o
Fresh vegetable illustration (Unsplash / Dimitri Hout friend)

Blood type O should not eat corn or other foods high in lectins. For this blood group, lectins can inhibit insulin production. In effect, blood glucose is not completely processed and accumulates.

Cut down on dairy products

If it's just a little bit, according to doctor D'Alamo's advice, it's still okay. Dairy products such as butter, goat cheese, mozzarella cheese can cause health problems for people with blood type O.

What snacks are acceptable for blood type O?

Suggestions from doctors who initiated the blood group diet, blood type O needs to avoid snacks that contain refined sugar, fruit extracts, melons and kiwis. For snacks, choose other vegetables and fruits. You can also snack on nuts and avoid foods containing gluten.

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