YOGYAKARTA The list of nicknames for countries in ASEAN is interesting to watch. The number of countries that are members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) itself is 11 members.

Please note, currently ASEAN consists of 11 countries. The country whose membership in ASEAN has recently been recognized as Timor Leste even though the country has not officially entered.

Pengakuan terhadap Timor Leste sebagai anggota ASEAN sendiri dilakukan dalam KTT yang diselenggarakan di Phnom Penh, Cambodia pada bulan November 2022 lalu.

The history of the nickname of the state in ASEAN is based on many things ranging from characteristics to geographical conditions. The following is the nickname of ASEAN member countries complete with an explanation of their nicknames.

Please note that Indonesia is one of the countries that participated in the ASEAN initiative and officially joined on August 8, 1967.

The reason Indonesia is called The Emerald of the equator or Zamrud Khatulistiwa is because Indonesia is called beautiful, such as the Zamrud stone, which is geographically partially traversed by the equator.

There are several names for the Philippines as an ASEAN country, one of which is Pearl of the Orient Seas or sea pearls from Orient or sea pearls from the east. The nickname is pinned to the Philippines from Europeans because in the 18th century they called the country on the East Earth as Orien.

The Philippines is also known as the Lumbung Padi country. This designation is also owned by Indonesia because of its large agriculture.

Just like Indonesia, Malaysia is also the initiator of ASEAN. This country is close to Indonesia. The Indonesian people have pinned the designation Jiran for Malaysia which means living near or neighboring.

But the international community calls it Land of Indiginous Malay because Malaysia is inhabited by people from various ethnicities such as China, Tamil, Malay, and so on.

Singapore also co-founded ASEAN in 1967. This country is dubbed The Lion City or Lion Country because its name contains elements of Singa which in English means Lion. The nickname was pinned by the Main Nila, the royal prince of Palembang.

The nickname The Land of Smiles for Thailand literally means a smiling country. It is based on hospitality that always smiles and welcomes tourists.

Thailand is also widely referred to as the Land of the White Elephant. This is because the country has a royal symbol in the form of a white elephant. Elephants are also national animals in Thailand.

The nickname Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures for Brunei Darussalam means an unexpected treasure. The reason the nickname was given to Brunei was because of the country's wealth. In fact, Brunei had occupied the 10th richest country according to Global Finance Magazine.

Vietnam has joined ASEAN on July 28, 1995. The country is dubbed the Land of the Blue Dragon because it has its connection with its economic strength in Asia. Vietnam has successfully followed in the footsteps of the progress of other Asian dragons, namely South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

The nickname for Laos is quite unique, namely Landlocked Country meaning the country is locked or locked. The reason for the nickname is geographically Laos has no sea and its position is surrounded by other countries, namely China, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

The nickname The Land of Golden Pagodas or gold pagoda country for Myanmar is indeed in accordance with the country. Because the country has many buildings in the form of pagodas, temples, and stupas colored with gold. This color adds to the beauty of Myanmar.

The nickname pinned to Cambodia is based on the Cambodian name which in Sanskrit is the land of peace, the land of prosperity. Land of the Khmer itself is interpreted as the Land of Peace and Prosperity.

Timor Leste was accepted as an ASEAN citizen recently. Like other members, Timor Leste has the term Bumi Loro Sae because the country is known for its beautiful beach and mountain views.

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