Choosing The Best Acoustic Guitar Strings
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JAKARTA - For those of you who like to play guitar, there are several things that you must pay attention to. One of them, how to choose strings.

It is very important for beginner guitarists to get acquainted with the acoustic guitar first rather than directly learning the guitar using an electric guitar.

The reason is, by using an acoustic guitar, a guitarist's hand will be stronger and more tested. The reason is, acoustic guitar strings tend to be thicker than electric guitar strings.

Then, how do you choose good acoustic guitar strings? The following VOI provides some things that you should pay attention to when choosing acoustic guitar strings.

1. Select the string material

The material of the strings will influence the color and timbre of the guitar. There are several materials to choose from, including 80/20 Bronze. This material is suitable for those of you who often play picking techniques.

Then there are the strings made from phosphor bronze which are suitable for ensembles and coated strings which have a quieter character.

Acoustic guitar strings illustration (Unsplash)
2. Tension

Tension indicates the tension of the guitar strings. There are three tension options on classical guitar strings, namely light tension, normal tension, and hard tension.

For those who are just learning the guitar, use a low tension because it's not too hard to squeeze and doesn't hurt too much. If you are an expert, please use the high tension one because it is more precise and has a stronger sound.

3. Action or the height of the strings

Like in a relationship with a partner, comfort is a very important factor. Likewise with choosing guitar strings. So, if the string action is higher, it's better to choose the normal tension. Conversely, if the action is low it is better to choose a high tension one. But again, prioritize the comfort of your fingers.

Guitar string height illustration (Unsplash)
4. The size of the strings

Apart from tension and action, string size must also be a concern. The bigger the string size, the more force it will need (must be strong). However, the clearer the notation we play will be.

However, this will be very different for each player because the size of the strings depends on the player's own habits.

5. Lining of strings

Usually, strings are coated to protect them from rust. Layered strings can be used in damp rooms or for those of you whose fingers sweat easily. If the strings are uncoated. Get ready to rust in no time.

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