The Wife Of The Conglomerate Harry Tanoesoedibjo, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Was Attacked By The Love Bond Virus
Liliana Tanoesoedibjo also contracted the Love Bond virus between Andien and Aldebaran (Photo: IG @liliana_tanoesoedibjo)

JAKARTA - The soap opera Ikatan Cinta has entered the majority of soap opera audiences in Indonesia. Even the wife of conglomerate Harry Tanoesoedibjo, Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, was also hit by the love virus between Andien and Aldebaran.

This is known from the upload on the Instagram account @liliana_tanoesoedibjo on Thursday, March 4. In the upload, Liliana gave praise to the soap opera Ikatan Cinta because it had become the best TV series ever.

"Drama tv series @officialrcti" bond of love "is the best ever tv series whose audience share has reached 51% and a range of 46-48%," he wrote.

He also congratulated the team and the cast of the soap opera starring Amanda Manopo. As the wife of the MNC Group owner, she admits that she is proud of all the soap operas.

"Congratulations @mnc_pictures, always do your best to create the best results. #Proudofyou #godbless are also proud of all the @amandamanopo @ arya.saloka casts as well as all the crew all out to give their best," he continued.

Ikatan Cinta fans stormed the upload with uniform comments. "Don't forget the bonus, Mom," wrote one of the netizens on Instagram, the wife of conglomerate Harry Tanoesoedibjo.

Not many realize that in the photo uploaded is evidence of Lilina embracing the soap opera, Ikatan Cinta. Even though there were no players or the Bonds of Love scene, Liliana wore a necklace she designed herself as proof of her love for the soap opera Ikatan Cinta. The necklace is a collaboration between UBS Gold and RCTI's Rose Gold 8K edition with the heart logo design of Ikatan Cinta from Liliana Tanoesoedibjo.

Previously, Liliana also uploaded a photo that specifically featured her posing with the three of them together with Arya Saloka and Amanda Manopo. "Attending the Indonesian Tik Tok awards ceremony," wrote Liliana while marking the Instagram account of the Ikatan Cinta player.

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