Why Do You Need To Wash Your Hair After The Rain? This Is The Reason
Rain illustration (Unsplash / Jon Ly)

JAKARTA - Raincoats and umbrellas are mandatory equipment to carry when BMKG reports that it will rain all day long. If not, the risk of catching a cold and getting influenza could be experienced.

So, until now there has actually been no evidence that the rain can cause headaches or dizziness. But health experts estimate that cold rainwater can affect body temperature. If a warm shower is soothing, a rain shower will certainly make the body feel uncomfortable.

When the temperature around the body is cold, it can trigger blood vessels to constrict. This happens to increase body temperature so that it doesn't shiver. However, this also causes dizziness, migraines or a heavy head after a rain or a day in an air-conditioned room.

Refinement causes oxygen circulation throughout the body to stagnate. Eventually limited oxygen demand and cause certain disorders in the body.

To neutralize body temperature again, many people say they need to wash their hair with warm water after the rain. Is that right?

A scientific study revealed by Doctor Erick Brandt at Yale Hospital that a warm bath can accelerate the blood pumped from the center of the body to all parts of the body. The effects of a warm bath can vary.

Starting from reducing hypertension, blood circulation is getting smoother to reduce cardiovascular risk for people with high blood pressure.

So even when after you get caught in the rain. You can prepare warm water and flush the whole body with the water. The effect of this activity has not been proven scientifically. However, Brandt says that there is no risk if you wash your hair with warm water.

What needs to be considered when you often take a warm shower is the moisture of the skin and the effect on dry hair. Therefore, the activity of bathing with warm water needs to be accompanied by special care or using shampoo and bath soap that contains a moisturizer.

Because after being washed in warm water the body temperature will decrease, you can brew a warm drink afterwards. To reduce other health risks, don't pause to live a healthy lifestyle, eat nutritious foods, and reduce staying up late.

Immune is also good to stay awake, because in the rainy season the humid air allows bacteria and viruses to breed. To increase immunity, you can supplement with vitamin C or eat superfoods.

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