Indies Companion Band, Magic Contest Presents The Prime Song Of Hati And Lung
Magic Eater (Sun Eater)

JAKARTA - The Magic Competition Band presents its first song titled Hearts and Lungs today, Friday, February 26.

For some people, the name Lomba Magic is known for accompanying Hindia (Baskara Putra's solo name) in the 2019 solo tour.

But this time, a Magic Competition consisting of Tama, Enrico, Tristan, Udu, Rayhan, and Baskara made a joint work.

Hati and Lung is an 80s-style song that is packaged quite lightly. The lyrics are a message for newcomers not to get carried away with the life of the capital. These lyrics are indirectly a reminder for the Magic Competition which is just starting its career.

"I am sure that the interpretation of Hearts and Lungs for each person is also different, and what we hope is that people can imagine their personal experiences when they hear this song," said Udu, vocalist of the Magic Competition. accepted by VOI.

The music video for this song was released on the same day. Features broadcaster Iyas Lawrence exploring the Capital and meeting lots of people.

Hati and Lungs is the debut song from the debut album of Magic Competition which will be released in the near future. Now, Hearts and Lungs are available on the digital music platform.

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