Successfully Releasing Mini Album, Alex Porat Returns With Girlfriend
Alex Porat (Sise Drummond)

JAKARTA - Toronto singer Alex Porat released his latest song, Girlfriend, on Wednesday, February 24.

This song is a follow-up to his first mini album, bad at breakups. Through the song girlfriend, Alex Porat provides a new narrative about a relationship.

In general, men are always depicted as those who are not too indifferent when in a relationship. However, this time Alex Porat will prove himself doing the same thing.

"I often get annoyed when guys do things that are often done in a relationship while acting like a lover but they can admit that they are not in a relationship," Porat said of a press release received by VOI.

Girlfriend played softly with the character Porat voice accompanied by a light pop melody. This Malaysian-born singer has indeed been known beforehand through various cover videos uploaded to YouTube.

The song Girlfriend features the beautiful voice of Alex Porat. As a newcomer singer, Alex Porat wants to continue to challenge himself to explore various musical genres.

Girlfriend can be listened to digitally and the lyric video can be watched below.

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