Reaction Of Anang When Ashanty Reported Death
Ashanty (Photo: IG @ananghijau)

JAKARTA - As the head of the family, Anang Hermansyah took quick steps when his wife and three children were confirmed positive for COVID-19. Even though Anang was negative himself, he went into self-isolation and stopped his activities to ensure Ashanty, Aurel, Azriel, and Arsy recovered quickly.

However, Anang admitted that he was shocked when he heard the hoax news that said Ashanty had died. The Indonesian Idol jury first heard the rumors from his family in Jember.

"In fact, my Abah, who was in Jember, said, 'Ashanty is okay, right? Why did Ashanty die from the news?'" Anang Hermansyah was quoted as saying from YouTube channel The Hermansyah A6, Wednesday, February 24.

"Wow, no, I said. Ashanty is now being treated at the hospital," said Anang again.

Anang explained that the hoax news originated from Aurel's upload. "When the mother was treated, Aurel uploaded a photo at the hospital, now that made a scene," said Anang.

Until now, Ashanty is still receiving medical care and treatment to recover from the corona virus. Ashanty was rushed to hospital because her condition had deteriorated while undergoing independent isolation at home.

"The key is from Covid, apart from being treated, the atmosphere must be built so that you don't think too much. This mother is quite complicated because of her auto immunity. This is a complex problem. Finally, she was placed in the hospital accompanied by Azriel's sister," he recalled.

"Mother Ashanty initially checked her lungs, this is a thin fog. The first day she was allowed to self-isolate. Two days after the test, Mother dropped, Bunda said she was not strong. Finally she was forced to be rushed to the hospital," continued Anang.

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