All Dayana Videos On YouTube Fiki Naki Are Missing, What's Up?
Fiki Naki Hapus Vieo Dayana (Foto: IG @fikinakii)

JAKARTA - All Dayana videos on Fiki Naki's YouTube channel disappeared. This is the aftermath of the Fiki Naki and Dayana case. Not only unfollowing Fiki on Instagram, now Dayana asks Fiki Naki to delete all content with Dayana on her Youtube channel.

Not wanting to bring up more misunderstandings, Fiki explained to his followers via live Instagram.

He says Dayana asked him to remove all their content. "I asked, what about our content on YouTube? Do you want to delete it or not? Then he said 'delete'. Yes, so maybe I will delete all of Dayana's and my videos," said Fiki, quoted on Wednesday, February 24.

Fiki, who is known for being able to master many languages in such a fast time, immediately agreed. Fiki admits that he is not westernized even though his videos with Dayana have been watched millions of times. "I'm sorry everyone, my content with Dayana must have to be deleted because of Dayana's request," he said.

Previously, Fiki had provided an explanation through uploads on the YouTube Community on Fiki Naki's account. "Dayana wants all videos with her to be private, guys ..," he wrote. The upload immediately received a support response from Fiki Naki subscribers. They want Fiki Naki to focus more on content in the future.

The urge to unfollow Dayana continues. Wednesday, February 24th, Dayana's followers have fallen again to 1.4 million. In fact, the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan, Astana, Kazakhstan has tried to 'reconcile' the two of them. Fiki Naki and the manager were invited to talk with the Indonesian Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Rahmat Pramono to take a diplomatic role.

Invited by the Embassy of Khazakhstan

"In the digital era, anyone can take part in diplomacy. Wise and polite creativity in social media and the spirit to build cross-border friendship are one of the ways that young people can promote Indonesia's image in the international world and improve Indonesia's good relations with friendly countries, "said the statement of the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan. his official Instagram post, Tuesday, February 23.

The Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan would like to thank Fiki Naki and his manager Theresia Felicia. This gathering was said to be very meaningful to the Indonesian Embassy in Kazakhstan. "We are waiting for the non-virtual hospitality," he continued.

Unfortunately, in another post, there are netizens who find Dayana unfollowing the Indonesian Embassy Instagram account at Nur-Sultan. Because they were caught unfollowing, netizens returned to the comments column even though the admin's post at the Indonesian Embassy in Kazakhstan talked about the potential for the coffee industry in Kazakhstan to work with coffee entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

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