Watu Dodol Beach, Elok Beach In The East End Of Java Island
Illustration of Watu Dodol Beach (Zukiman Mohamad / Pexels)

JAKARTA - Its location right on the edge of the Pantura route between Situbondo and Banyuwangi will not overlook this beach at the eastern tip of Java Island. The green and shady coconut trees by the beach will make you turn your head and then decide to stop by. Yes, Watu Dodol Beach will spoil your eyes with a beautiful panorama of the beach.

Located in Ketapang Village, Kalipuro District, Banyuwangi Regency, this beach is only about 2 kilometers from Ketapang Harbor or about 15 kilometers from Banyuwangi City to the north. It will be easy to find this beach because you will see a large rock that is located between the two routes of the Pantura road as an indication that you have reached the beach location. This stone is called Watu Dodol.

Watu Dodol is the gateway to the easternmost area of Java Island and holds the story of the struggle of the Banyuwangi people during the Dutch occupation era. Banyuwangi residents twice succeeded in thwarting the entry of Dutch troops through the Ketapang port. In addition, during the era of World War II, the area around Banyuwangi was used as a place of defense for Japanese soldiers.

There is a cave at this location which in its time was used to spy on every ship passing through the Bali Strait. The cave door is on the hillside and the exit is at the top of the hill. Its conditions which are covered in bushes make not many people know about the existence of this cave.

Entering the Watu Dodol Beach area, each visitor will be greeted by a statue of a Gandrung dancer which is an icon of the City of Banyuwangi. The statue with a graceful gesture seems to invite each visitor to enjoy the beautiful panorama of Watu Dodol Beach.

Walking along the beach, playing in the small ripples of the waves, and swimming are common activities. You can also just sit back and enjoy the breeze while enjoying the beautiful color gradations of the sea water while gazing at the island of Bali in the distance with its mountain ranges.

Watu Dodol Beach also has its own unique nature. On the shoreline, there is a source of fresh water that remains fresh even at high tide, sea water inundates the source. The local people believe that this fresh water source is beneficial for health.

In addition, the cluster of rocks on Watu Dodol Beach also has a unique shape and is shiny black. Among the black colors of the rocks, green cactus plants grew randomly on the sidelines of the rocks.

At the location of Watu Dodol Beach, there are also residents' boats that are rented to cross to Tabuhan Island and Menjangan Island. These two islands are famous for their exotic underwater world. The cost for crossing to Tabuhan Island is set at around Rp. 100,000 per person, while Rp. 230 thousand per person for crossing to Menjangan Island. This price includes meals, diving equipment rental, and underwater photos.

Apart from the beauty of the beach, at this tourist location there is also Watu Dodol Hill which is located opposite the beach location. The hill is decorated with green trees and the Gandrung statue is often used as a selfie spot because it offers a background for the beauty of the Bali Strait. To get to this location, visitors must climb a hill for about 300 meters.

You can visit this beach to simply unwind after a long trip on the Pantura route or looking for cheap entertainment.

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