What Is The Prohibition Against Sugar Disease? Avoid Consumption Of These Foods And Drinks
Illustration of a glucometer and a donut (Pexels / Artem Podrez)

JAKARTA - Diabetes or diabetes is triggered by two things, namely unhealthy lifestyles and genetics. Although both have different types, symptoms, and treatments, they both require a healthy and preserved lifestyle.

Especially for diabetics, it is necessary to avoid consuming foods and drinks that have a high glycemic index. What are the foods that are abstinence? Here's the list.


Launching Medical News Today, Wednesday, February 24, actually everyone needs carbohydrates for energy sources. Including for diabetics there are many foods that contain carbohydrates and can be consumed.

To be sure, those of you who have diabetes need to consult your doctor on how much carbohydrates can be consumed. Abstinence carbo foods include foods prepared from white flour, white bread, and cereals.

Basically, foods from white flour need to be avoided because diabetics have a body condition that does not break down fiber in the same way as a healthy person's body.

Whole grains

Each grain contains starch as well as essential vitamins, minerals and fiber. For diabetes, avoid consuming torilla, white rice, white pasta, and crackers or crackers. These dietary restrictions can be replaced with healthy foods, including wheat germ, barley, and oatmeal.


Abstinence for diabetes is not always sugar and taste sweet. In fact, there are several types of protein that should be avoided because they are high in cholesterol and triglycerides.

For example, you need to limit your consumption of red meat such as beef, lamb, goat, including those processed meats that are breaded, processed by frying, and high in sodium.

Well, for those who like fried chicken skin, it's certainly worth avoiding it. Healthy proteins consumed by people with diabetes include legumes, soy products, fish, skinless chicken, and eggs.

Dairy products

During calculating daily needs, diabetics may still consume a certain amount of dairy products. For important information, diabetes types 1 and 2 are potentially cardiovascular. Meanwhile, those who are overweight and obese often trigger type 2 diabetes.

That means, pay attention to the consumption of foods that contain fat and cholesterol, especially those that already have a high tendency to blood sugar. Dairy foods that should be avoided include full fat cheese, fatty sour cream, ice cream, high fat and sweet yogurt.

Well, for milk, skim milk and low-fat plain yogurt are recommended. Other alternative dairy products include soy milk without added sugar.

Fruits and vegetables

Apparently, there are vegetable and fruit restrictions for diabetes. Although healthy and high in nutrients, you need to be careful when consuming fruit juices, dry fruit, fruit salads, canned vegetables and pickles.

sayur dan buah untuk penderita diabetes
Vegetable and fruit illustration (Pexels / Pixabay)

That is, it is recommended to consume fresh fruit and vegetables without processing and preservation. However, if it is steamed, baked, frozen without added flavor or sugar, it can still be consumed.

Saturated fat

The prohibition against diabetes for the food category that contains saturated fat includes butter, red meat fat, palm oil, cream sauces, full fat mayonnaise, and potato chips.

These abstinence foods can be replaced with low-fat sala dressings, avocado, and olive oil, canola and sunflower seeds.

From the food list of view above, you need to know the normal blood sugar level. Under normal conditions or before meals, normal blood sugar levels are between 70 and 130 mg / dl. Well, after eating normally 140 mg / dl.

Given that diabetes requires a healthy diet, those of you who experience it need to frequently check your blood sugar levels so you can choose and sort out which foods to eat.

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