Besides Daft Punk, These Are Musicians Who Don't Show Their Real Faces On The Stage
Daft Punk (Twitter @spotify)

JAKARTA - Daft Punk declared its disbandment on Monday through a video uploaded to YouTube. During their career, this French duo has never shown their real identity or personal life.

However, it turns out, it's not just Daft Punk who hides their identity. There are some musicians who also choose to cover their faces when on stage. Anyone? Check it out here.


The Feel Good singer always appears in 2D virtual mode. Founded in 1998, not a few consider Gorillaz's personnel to consist of the four people in the video clip. But in reality, this band is the formation of Damon Albarn from Blur with Jamie Hewlett.


DJ Deadmau5 (pronounced Dead Mouse) always appeared with a large helmet in the shape of a mouse. Joel Thomas Zimmerman, as his real name is, often uses the word deadmouse as a username on social media and this has carried over to his career as a musician.


This Swedish metal band always appears wearing make-up and costumes that resemble a 'heretical' sect. The frontman is known as Papa Emeritus, he leads other personnel called Nameless Ghouls.


DJ Marshmello also always wears a marshmallow food mascot with a smile on his expression. This man named Chris Comstock never showed his face. The marshmallow food that became his stage name was inspired by DJ Deadmau5.


Iowa-based numetal band, Slipknot, always appears with horror masks and jumpsuits to the accompaniment of frenetic music. For some special events, they appear with different masks that are specially designed.

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