Children Unintentionally See Parents Having Sex, How To React?
Illustration of a child closing his eyes (Pexels / Anna Shvets)

JAKARTA - For married couples, having sex is a healthy activity that is beneficial for various things. Including one way to warm up the relationship.

For young couples, maybe they will feel worried about being caught by their children while making out in bed. Well, of course this is not trivial because every moment captured by the child's senses will be stored in his memory.

As a recommendation, you need to provide sex education to children, especially when you catch their parents doing physical activities. Besides that, consider the following ways to react.

Explore children's perceptions

Each child will have a very different catch or perception when they find their parents having a husband and wife relationship. These differences can be identified through age, for example if a 3 year old child will have a different perception from a 7 year old child.

Therefore, parents need to communicate with children. Ask gentle questions without being intimidating. For example, by giving a statement before digging into the perception "I'm sorry, you feel uncomfortable with what you saw earlier?".

Make sure the situation is safe before having a husband and wife

Ensuring the situation is supportive is of course very important. Because, the child may not be sleeping or is still sleeping chickens. Also make sure the door is locked and doesn't make any noise that disturbs the child.

Give an explanation according to the child's knowledge capacity

For children over 7 years old, it may have a different sensation when they catch their parents having sex. However, there are also those who consider these activities normal or the way their mother and father express love.

So, you and your partner need to know how much your child knows about these activities. How does he perceive and provide education according to his knowledge.

For example, giving the explanation that what he saw at first glance was the way a legitimate partner would express love.

Of course, children need to know what activities can and should not be done related to sexual organs. In fact, experts recommend gradually providing sex education to children.

Knowledge about the function of sexual organs can be leaked a little when the child is independent or at the age of 5 years. Next, equip your baby with moral values so they can take care of themselves.

When children reach adolescence, parents need to understand that humans are sexual creatures. However, parents still need to be careful because children don't need to see the bed scene at home.

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